The Music Studio Takes Safety Measures in Response to COVID-19
March 13, 2020

As the public health situation intensifies, The Music Studio, like many other schools and arts institutions, is working hard to keep the community safe while continuing to serve its students to the extent that it can. The school is taking the following immediate measures:

It has moved Creative Keyboard Recitals to The Music Studio.

The Creative Keyboard recitals scheduled to take place at the University at Albany this weekend (March 14 and 15) are now CANCELED. The Music Studio has instead developed an alternate plan, one that allows the children to see the fruits of their hard work while also protecting vulnerable populations during this time of public health uncertainty.

Creative Keyboard recitals will be held one class at a time at The Music Studio in Room 206. Each child’s recital will be held on the same day it was planned, at the time specified here. Chairs for the (now much smaller audience) will be spaced out, and performers will use hand sanitizer before they perform. All instruments that are used will be thoroughly cleaned between recitals. Post-recital cookies will be prepackaged. And of course any family members who are not feeling well are kindly asked not to attend–as are the Music Fundamentals II students who are usually invited.

It has canceled the Piano Program Recital until further notice.

The Piano Program Recital scheduled for Sunday afternoon is now canceled, as is the pre-recital Piano Class scheduled for Friday. Students who were planning to perform will participate instead in future recitals already on the calendar.

It has canceled the upcoming Benefit Recital until further notice.

Postponed indefinitely is the Benefit Recital for The Music Studio Initiative, scheduled for March 22, and featuring Akina Yura and Amy Kawa Posner, alumnus Ryan Reilly, and current student Jesse Cohen-Greenberg. They’ll keep practicing, and the concert will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

It has implemented new hygiene protocols for all its classes and lessons. 

The Music Studio remains open, and is taking serious measures to make sure that students and families stay safe. In addition to stepped-up cleaning schedules for all classrooms and public surfaces (including doorknobs, railings, and the like), the school has disinfected all the instruments on the shelves. Every keyboard is sanitized before each class or lesson, and any instrument that’s used in class (triangle, drum, mallet) gets put in a “used” bin, after which it is cleaned again before its next use. Dances that involve physical contact have been discontinued.

Please contact The Music Studio with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.