Kudos to The Music Studio’s NSYMTA Honorees
May 16, 2014

At the May 11 New York State Music Teacher Association (district 6) honors recital, at Schenectady County Community College, there were 14 pianist from The Music Studio: Mia Alonge, Eileen Bohen, Ellen Chiang, Jesse Cohen-Greenberg, Katherine Conjalka, Emma Horvath, Matthew Maguire, Liam Presser, Philip Ruggirello, Xavier Schlemmer, Ava Thomson, Nicholas Watson, Whitney Wilson, and Athena Wu. Three more were invited, but couldn’t attend: Michael Bangert-Drowns, Peter Klisiwecz, and Alexandra Sipos. The concert was outstanding: although it was a beautiful, sunny day, for an hour or so, the audience was actually happy to be inside.