Music for the Young

Young children have an innate affinity for music, and they absorb new concepts quickly and easily. Music for the Young classes are a great way to get them started, in small, short-term classes grouped by age. They will be captivated by songs, dances, instruments, rhythm games, and—for slightly older children—the puzzle of musical notation.


Classes for 2-year-olds provide parent and child a heritage of traditional tunes, folk songs, finger games, and nursery rhymes from their grandparents’ time and just yesterday, creating a delightful family legacy of shared music. The classes are small so parent and child focus on one another—and the music. Classes are 50 minutes and meet for four sessions. Tuition: $84

Music for 2-Year-Olds Schedule



Classes for 3 and young 4-year-olds rotate throughout the year to focus on different facets of introductory music. “Let’s Begin,”  “Instruments on Parade,” and “There′s Music Around Us,”  all employ an instructional technique that engages the whole child (and the parent, too!), but the particular songs, dances, games, and activities are distinct to each course. Classes are 60 minutes and meet for four sessions. Tuition: $92

Music for 3 and Young 4-Year-Olds Schedule