Yuan Jiang

Yuan Jiang is a pianist, a piano teacher, and a scholar of piano pedagogy. With extensive performance experience, both as a soloist and an accompanist, she brings to her teaching, adjudicating, and scholarly works a deep understanding of what piano students and performers need in order to excel.

Ms. Jiang earned her doctorate in Music Education (Piano Pedagogy track) from Florida State University in May 2019, with a dissertation comparing American and Chinese piano performance programs. Her Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy is from Texas Christian University; before that, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Capital Normal University in Beijing.

Throughout her education, Ms. Jiang has taught, both within institutional settings and privately, students of every age and ability, from children who were just beginning piano to advanced music majors. “I believe music education should be open to everyone,” she says. Actively engaged in the question of “How to teach?” Ms. Jiang doesn’t just study piano pedagogy, she works continually to contribute to the field, from developing curricula for university courses to designing an adult piano class to writing her master’s thesis on “Cultivating Musicality: Performing Beyond the Score.” These experiences, as well as her years of teaching, have influenced her approach to music education. “As a piano teacher, my mission is not only to nurture musical talent and develop music potential, but also to respect curious minds and acknowledge individual differences.”